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Hunting and Mustering - Long Range
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Does this sound familiar to you?

“no matter how loud I yell or whistle the bloody dog just won’t listen and come back” or “when I ‘m out in the bush with the dog/s and they are supposed to be hunting and get distracted by birds or other animals and I can’t get their attention back to the job by using my normal method of command” or “when I caught up with the dog and he had the pig he wouldn’t come off it”

Using a dog training collar is by far less stressful for the dog and the owner. These are just a couple of examples of how frustrating it can be for a working dog owner or hunter to be out in the field with their dog/s and find that the dog/s can be ‘hard of hearing’ at a distance (or sometimes even close up!) so this is when a dog training collar becomes an invaluable tool to add to an owners or dog trainers training kit. These are also known as a ‘shock collar’, training collar or e-collar and all have different functions that you can choose to use in your dog training e.g. varying levels of static correction, ‘vibration’ or ‘tone’ warning.

We all know what it means to have consequences so when used correctly these devices tell the dog to listen right at the time he has disobeyed his command. In obedience training timing is everything so when using the dog training collar and the dog doesn’t listen when it’s on the lowest level  you can then increase the level until you get the dog to respond just the way he or she should.

The systems that are available today differ greatly from years gone by because modern technology has helped make these products far more humane and easier pieces of equipment to use.

When choosing a device to use consider the situation that you might be using it in e.g. rounding up sheep or cattle with more than one working/mustering dog or out with more than one hunting dog, because you can choose a system tailored to your needs e.g. with mid range (up to 1200 metres) - the Dogtra 1900S/ 1902S and Garmin Sport Pro remote dog training systems or long range (up to 1600 metres) - the Garmin Pro 70/550 and Dogtra Edge remote trainers.

When go for hunt, you could have a few dogs with you, the most simple system for multi dog training is the Garmin Pro 70 system. It can train/control up to 6 dogs (with extra collars) with colour coded button. And each dog has assigned its own button. The Dogtra edge can train up to 4 dogs (colour coded button) and Garmin Pro 550 (dog switch) and Garmin Sport Pro (dog switch) trains up to 3 dogs.

If you are not sure which product to use, please visit our "Dog Training Collars Buying Guide" page for more information. If you still not sure, don't worry, just give our friendly staff a call on FREECALL 1800 300 364 and discuss with us the best product to suit your needs.