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Can Dogs Get Corona Virus from Humans ?

Posted by Paul on

Can Dogs get Coronavirus from Humans ? Seems a very reasonable question with the Covid 19 virus being spread to a human from another species in the first place. The answer will shock you - YES. Two dogs in Hong Kong have contracted the virus from Humans. One of the dogs, a Pomeranian has since died, while the larger German Shepherd has survived. 

The Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) described the virus found in the dog as being very similar to the human version and was most likely acquired from their owner, who tested positive for Covid 19. 

Meanwhile in Belgium a cat has acquired the Corona Virus from its owner, but in a bizarre twist the virus found within the cat were high levels of  SARS-CoV-2

Whatever is happening in inter species transmission I think it safe to say "keep your dog at home" with dog electric fences and keep your cat at home with cat electric fences

If your dog roams and you are near a known Covid 19 hotspot, good practice to wash your hands after patting a dog or cat in your area, and keep an eye on vomiting, difficulty breathing & lethargy

Are Shock Collars Legal in Victoria ?

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Technology advances in Dog Trackers

When Dogmaster first came into being we had about 4 categories of product and no dog tracking systems. We sold dog training collars and bark control collars primarily for sheep & cattle farmers. We soon found out that the sons of farmers (and sometimes daughters) often were feral pig hunters. Not only was it a [...]

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Personal Handheld Navigators

My Wife & I like watching some of the Gold and opal programs like Gold Rush,  Aussie Gold Hunters & Outback opal hunters, and we are constantly amazed that people searching for gold or gemstones in the Aussie outback never seem to take a personal handheld GPS, or personal locator beacons with them when walking [...]

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Invisible Pet Fences

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Which Remote trainer to buy ?

Remote Dog Trainer Summary The following is a suggested remote trainer guide for consumers.Firstly there are a few questions to ask yourselfThe size , age and breed of the intended dogs ? Minimum age for use of any e-collar is 5 months, this is the age where most dog trainers agree that a dog has the mental [...]

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