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Recharging Batteries in Winter

Posted by Paul Asselman on

Recharging your bark control collar, GPS dog collars tracking system, Remote training system or dog fencing system in winter can affect your rechargeable batteries health. Generally speaking recharging any product in temperatures below 0 degrees C should be avoided. Internal resistance of all batteries rises in cold conditions. This may lead to poor battery performance. Again speaking in general terms the temperature spread when to recharge is 0 degrees to 45 degrees C . If you keep your system in an unheated shed and charge your collars at night when the temperature drops below 0 C , I suggest you bring your recharging system into an area that is warmer than the unheated shed. 

Dogtra Pathfinder Coming Soon !

Dogtra Pathfinder GPS dog tracking system will be available soon. The Dogtra Pathfinder comes in "track & train" or track only. Dogmaster will also stock tracking collar accessories & protective gear for your Dogtra tracking system. The Pathfinder sync's to your mobile phone screen, whilst not needing mobile phone signal to operate. We expect our first [...]

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Being The Pack Leader !

How should I treat my dog ? should I think that my dog is a fur baby ? should I share my bed with my dog ? Lets start off with the obvious. Your dog is a DOG, you are a human. Dogs are pack animals, they work together as a group to achieve consistent supply [...]

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When & Why use a training collar on a working dog ?

Dog Training collars..... Many people have a view either one way or another. Lets look at why some people use them and how they use them. Let me start by stating that I have been involved with dog training collars for about 20 years. Ive spoken to many users, dog trainers, vets, animal welfare advocates. Dogs, in general are [...]

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