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When & Why use a training collar on a working dog ?

Posted by Paul Asselman on

Dog Training collars..... Many people have a view either one way or another.

Lets look at why some people use them and how they use them. Let me start by stating that I have been involved with dog training collars for about 20 years. Ive spoken to many users, dog trainers, vets, animal welfare advocates.

Dogs, in general are fast learners, they have learned not to stick their nose in an ants nest 5 or 6 times because of the negative result that happened the first time it happened. Australian working dogs typically Border Collies ,Kelpies and Cattle dogs are generally smarter than some non working dog breeds. I've heard several users of e-collars point out that of 10 pups 2 dogs probably dont need an e-collar used on them, they are the cream of the crop. Then you have about 2 dogs that a pretty much a hopeless case , these 2 will probably end up as pets or might be "retired" by the farmer. That leaves 6 dogs......

These 6 dogs will benefit the most from a training collar. A dog that goes in and bites a sheep can be corrected immediately using a short electrical stimulus. Dogs that dont listen to commands (especially at distance) can be quickly corrected also. Barking dogs can be corrected a split second after the bark to quickly control barking.

Is the electrical correction a real big shock ? No, all modern day remote training collars have adjustable levels of output. the user can reduce the correction level so it feels similar to making a small involuntary movement of the skin. a slightly higher level is like touching your car door handle on a windy day and feeling a small zap. The user does not need to find a level of stimulus that makes the dog do "cartwheel". In fact modern training collars dont have sufficient output for this to occur.

While some dog owners might only need to vibrate their collar to get a timid dogs attention. A vibration is available on most modern dog training collars. The vibration function is a great tool for deaf dog owners, who just want to get their dogs attention

Can I run more than 1 collar from a remote control handpiece ? Yes, many systems are expandable now. Some systems can run up to 6 collars from the one handpiece, with colour coded buttons on the remote control syncing with different coloured dog collars.

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Paul Asselman -

Director Dogmaster Trainers