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Dogmaster Sells Garmin Watches

Posted by Paul the Dogmaster on

Who would have thought that Dogmaster would be selling Garmin Watches ?, well Garmin have a large range of sports watches for use to synchronize with your Garmin Astro or Garmin Alpha dog tracking system, but these watches are not just for the hunter. Garmin have such a huge range of gps watches however we have selected the Garmin Instinct graphite for great value and the Garmin Fenix 6X Pro for the top of the line user. Both watches are waterproof and have many sports watch features built in. 

If you want to use your watch for running, golf, cycling, swimming, hiking, dog tracking, or as a general fitness watch Garmin offer a solution for your needs. Garmin watches are waterproof to 10 ATM and come with scratch resistant screens. 

Watches are making a comeback. For many years people just checked their phones for the time of day, or people wore them as a status symbol and then step counters and fitness trackers came into fashion, so now lets put GPS, fitness, sports, time, alarm, altimeter all into one device. Technology, you gotta love it ! 

How Shock Collars Work

I hate using the term "shock collars", let me explain why...... A typical dog training collar or Dog containment system or bark control collar delivers an electrical stimulus equal to 2 volts @ 20 Milliamps, or 0.000005 to 0.0003 Joules of energy. This compares with a TENS machine used on sore backs which pass a [...]

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Do Dog Shock Collars Work ? , a Farmers perspective.

Do Dog shock collars work ? With Covid 19 creating disruptions to the Australian Agricultural Field Day Calendar I find myself back behind the desk, reflecting on my experiences along with some of the colourful characters I have meet in the past 14years while exhibiting at these events across the country. I am often visited by existing customers who [...]

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Can Dogs Get Covid 19 from Humans - Follow up

Wow,Didn't that first blog get some comments. Most people agreed with the blog, we just don't know enough about the Coronavirus transmission rate in humans and plenty of $$$$ are being thrown at the problem, so obviously humans come before animals in priority. The facts however remain that a small amount of animals have been [...]

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Can Dogs Get Corona Virus from Humans ?

Can Dogs get Coronavirus from Humans ? Seems a very reasonable question with the Covid 19 virus being spread to a human from another species in the first place. The answer will shock you - YES. Two dogs in Hong Kong have contracted the virus from Humans. One of the dogs, a Pomeranian has since [...]

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Are Shock Collars Legal in Victoria ?

Are shock collars legal in Victoria ?Excessive barking can be a nuisance, to us and our neighbours. How do we know if our neighbour is making a valid complaint if we are not there to hear it? The NEW Garmin Barklimier 2 Series when synced to your smart will notify you of how many times your dog has barked [...]

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Technology advances in Dog Trackers

When Dogmaster first came into being we had about 4 categories of product and no dog tracking systems. We sold dog training collars and bark control collars primarily for sheep & cattle farmers. We soon found out that the sons of farmers (and sometimes daughters) often were feral pig hunters. Not only was it a [...]

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Electric Fences for Dogs ,sheep & Cattle

The brand Nemtek has been in existence for more than 25 years. Nemtek electric fences have been used to confine animals as big as elephants in Africa. Obviously these energizers need to be high quality and powerful enough to make an impact on a bull elephant ! Nemtek has a range of solar electric fences [...]

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Anti Bark Collars, Should I use a Citronella Collar ?

So lets start with how a bark control collar works. You must have a barking dog, otherwise you wouldnt be reading this. There are several types of anti bark devices. Firstly lets consider an electronic bark collar. There are many different size dogs from a chihuahua to a Great Dane, obviously a bark collar that [...]

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Working Dog Training collars v's Companion dog training collars

Remote trainers, is a common phrase that is used to describe a training collar that is activated by remote control. The system typically sends a radio signal to the collar. There are several tools available on the remote control, for example most systems have an audible tone, which means nothing to the dog until you [...]

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