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Waterproof Ratings Explanation for Handhelds & Dog Collars

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Water Resistant/Weatherproof - protects from Splashes and rain/showers. Safe for cleaning in fresh water. 

1 ATM (Atmospheric pressure) for Dog Collars - protects from Splashes, rain and swimming (up to 30 mins) in normal fresh water. It is not suitable for prolonged or continuous immersion or high-pressure water jet cleaning

1 ATM (Atmospheric pressure) for Handhelds - protects from Splashes and rain. Not for swimming or diving.

10 ATM (Atmospheric pressure) for Wearable - protects from rain, snow, swimming, diving into water (short time), Snorkeling and high speed watersport. It is not suitable for Scuba Diving.

10 ATM (Atmospheric pressure) for Handhelds - protects from rain, snow, swimming, diving into water (short time), Snorkeling, high speed watersport and scuba diving. It is not suitable for diving under pressure over 10ATM.

IPX7 - Protected from immersion in normal fresh water with a depth of up to 1 meter (or 3.3 feet) for up to 30 mins. 

IPX9K - The highest water resistant rating - protection against “high pressure and temperature water jets". It is available on some Dogtra dog training systems.

Salt Water - all the products classified under waterproof are NOT salt waterproof (marine proof). Products will need to be cleaned by fresh water after using. Manufacturer warranty/guarantee would not cover salt water damage/corrosion.

Replaceable battery products (including rechargeable products) - weatherproof/waterproof is only guaranteed when the product is in perfect sealed condition. Product warranty is not valid when not installing the battery back to the product properly - if you didn't screw the cover back on properly (gap between covers), weather seal is moved/damaged when replacing battery, recharging port is not covered/closed properly etc.