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Electric Dog Fences
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Dog Electric Fences

An escaping dog is a cause for concern. You would like to keep your dog in safe area. DogMaster Trainers have dog containment systems and invisible dog fences to stop your dog escaping. To stop a dog escaping from the front door/gate, we have the Garmin Delta smart collar with Keep away tag that is available to consider. This Delta Smart collar with keep away tag works as the wireless pet barrier or hidden fence which is a pet deterrent designed for use around doorways and to keep dogs away from certain areas (up to 1 metres per tag), like the formal lounge, the kitchen bin, etc.

For dogs that dig or jump the fence, we have a number of invisible dog fencing options to suit individual situations. This pet fencing can cover anything from a suburban house block, they feature battery powered or rechargeable collars, most of which are waterproof. This style of dog fencing, or dog containment systems as they are also known, are manufactured by reputable brands such as Num'axes, Dogtra, Garmin and PAC.

For a dog electric fence or containment system to be effective, there are 3 basic rules to follow

Step 1: install the system
Step 2: fit the collar per manufacturer’s instructions
Step 3: Do the training with the dog as described in the instructions
Step 4: Sit back, have a cup of tea or beer and watch dog play in the back yard without escaping!