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Garmin Tri-Tronics Pro 550 Dog Training Collar - 1600M

Condition: New

Remote Trainer Features:
* 21 levels of continuous and momentary stimulation with Tone and Beacon Light
* Up to 1600 metres range
* Waterproof (IPX 7) System
* Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in both the remote and receiver. 60 hour run time
* Expandable system can control up to 3 dogs by one transmitter
* The Garmin Pro PT10 Add a Dog Collar can be purchased from here.
* Colour coded switch to be matched with colours of dog collar strap
* Battery life indicator on Transmitter and Receiver so you know when to charge the system

Bark Control Collar Features:
* Bark Odometer to count how often the dog barks
* Accelerometer sensor: only the dog with the collar can activate it
* Autorise mode: automatic, self-adjusting levels of correction

Download Garmin Pro 550 Manual From here.

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Product Description

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The new Garmin PRO 550 advance dog training collaris designed for the serious professional with easy access to 21 levels of momentary and continuous stimulation, tone as well as the ability to quickly switch between 3 dogs. The Garmin PRO 550 features tone, remotely operated beacon lights on the dog training collar to help with locating your dog in low light. A top-mounted selection dial provides for 7 levels of stimulation and with the 3 output levels from stimulation buttons the system provides a total 21 levels of correction for adjustability without complexity. It also features remote-operated LED beacon lights on the dog device for low light conditions and built in BarkLimiter, activated on the dog device, for a quieter kennel.

The system is fully waterproof and rechargeable. The transmitter charging system is a "smart" system - it automatically reads battery capacity and adjusts the charging time as needed. Fully charged units may be left on the charger indefinitely.  Batteries in the collar and transmitter are user replaceable with 2 hours quick charge feature.

Stimulation setting

The GarminPro 550 has 7 levels of stimulation. There are 3 training modes in each stimulation level which are low, medium and high mode.

Momentary Stimulation – one single stimulation which is regardless of how long the button is pressed

Continuous Stimulation – a continuous stimulation when pressing the button, the max duration is 8 seconds

Tone – a tone can be used for positive or warning depending on your training program



The GarminPro 550 system provides several training modes, which assign different combinations of momentary stimulation, continuous stimulation, and tone to the training keys. The three vertical letters next to the mode toggle switch correspond to the training key functions, from top to bottom.


Momentary (M)

Accessory (A)

Continuous (C)

Tone only Button




Upper Training Button


Beacon Light On


Lower Training Button


Beacon Light Off


Hold Both Buttons






The GarminPRO 550 collar can work as a bark control collar. When the anti bark feature is activated, you don’t need to use the remote transmitter to control the collar, the collar works automatically by itself. When the dog barks, the collar detects the barking and emits the lowest stimulation. If the dog does not stop barking, the intensity level will increase until the dog stops. When the collar is not activated, the collar will reset itself back to the lowest level.

Bark Odometer

It counts and displays the number of times the dog barks since it was last turned on. This can help with tracking the dog’s barking. The Red Flash stands for 10 barks and Green Flash stands for 1 bark. So if the dog barks 24 times during last ON/OFF period, the collar should flash 2 Reds and 4 Greens when you turn off the collar.

Package includes:

  • Garmin Pro receiver collarwith black strap
  • Garmin Pro 550 transmitter with 3 colour coded switch
  • Collar battery charging cradle, transmitter charging cradle + dual lead wall charger
  • Set of long contact points
  • Set of short contact points
  • Owner's manual

Garmin PRO 550 Transmitter handheld

  • Size: 5cm x 4.3cm x 8.2cm
  • Weight: 221g
  • Colour coded toggle switch that allows the system to train up to 3 dogs
  • Quick Stimulation Mode switch for operation
  • "M" setting for Momentary stimulation
  • "C" setting for Continuous stimulation
  • “A” setting for beacon light or other accessories
  • Fully waterproof and rechargeable
  • Durable and made of Lexan plastic which is the same material used to make bulletproof windshields
  • Short and fixed antenna designed for longer, more consistent range
  • LED indicator for battery levels

Garmin Pro receiver collar

  • Size: 4.4cm x 4.4cm x 7.8cm
  • Weight: 98g
  • On/Off switch activated at the collar
  • Fully waterproof and rechargeable
  • Durable and made of Lexan plastic which is the same material used to make bulletproof windshields
  • LED indicator for battery and operation