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Solar Electric Fences & Farm Fencing
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Electric Fences

Solar Electric Fences & Farm Fencing

Nemtek has a full range of solar powered electric fence products for keeping your livestocks and dogs safe. This range includes agricultural series electric fencing systems and the Petstop fencing products.

Agricultural Electric Fences

The new Nemtek farm specific range of agricultural electric fencing products are specifically designed to meet the needs of the Australian farming community. Durability, reliability, effectiveness and value for money are paramount in every product that bears the Nemtek name.

Traditionally electric fence energizers for animal farming control did not have a fence monitor to detect a break in the fence. The detecting feature has become an integral part of game and animal control. It allows the user to monitor the condition of the electric fence at the energizer without having to patrol the fence regularly, thus saving time and money.

Pet Electric Dog Fencing

The electric dog fence is designed with dogs in mind, they are purpose built and powered to suit both pet and working dogs. The Nemtek Pet Stop Solar Powered Electric Dog Fencing kit is used to contain your dogs and cats in your property as well as keeping them away from unwanted areas such as, flower beds, vegetable gardens etc.

Setting up a basic Solar powered electric fence for a small property


1. Energizer

2. Earth Rod

3. Wire tensioner

4. Electric fence wire

5. Posts with Electric Fence wire Mounting Loop / clamps

6. Insulated handle

7. Earth wire

8. Hot wire (red)

9. Pigtail post