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Electric Fences for Dogs ,sheep & Cattle

Posted by Paul. on

The brand Nemtek has been in existence for more than 25 years. Nemtek electric fences have been used to confine animals as big as elephants in Africa. Obviously these energizers need to be high quality and powerful enough to make an impact on a bull elephant ! Nemtek has a range of solar electric fences to suit smaller animals also, such as dogs with the Nemtek Petstop Solar powered Electric dog fence kit, but their bread and butter target market is supply to sheep and cattle farmers.

If you need more information on Nemtek electric fence energizers, just give our office a call and let us know how many elephants you have !

Some of the major reasons why an electric fence doesn't seem to work are;

  • insufficient moisture in the ground where your earth spike is located. Solution keep your earth spike in an area where it is likely to have more moisture, or use multiple earth spikes in different locations near your intended target animals
  • Hit or dog your earth spike deep into the ground. The deeper the better
  • Use a better grade of "hot" wire. the lower the ohms resistance the better. For example Ecostop SS3 has 13,300 Ohms resistance per KM, whereas Polywire Blue Mix 6 has only 190 Ohms resistance per KM, so the mix 6 is far better for longer distances
  • a weak energizer will not have enough "oomph" for some animals, and combine that with a high resistance wire, and that equals poor results. as a rule of thumb use an energizer that is stated to do 3 times the distance than you require
  • Don't let grass, the ground or trees touch the hotwire, this will drain your energy in your energizer