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Are Shock Collars Legal in Victoria ?

Posted by Curt Max on

Are shock collars legal in Victoria ?

Excessive barking can be a nuisance, to us and our neighbours. How do we know if our neighbour is making a valid complaint if we are not there to hear it? The NEW Garmin Barklimier 2 Series when synced to your smart will notify you of how many times your dog has barked throughout the day and at what time by using the Garmin Canine APP. This information is invaluable for settling barking disputes with neighbours and a useful for council animal control officers, as you will have data to support your case while being armed with the means to address the barking should your furry mate be over exercising their vocal cords in your absence.

Due to government legislation in Victoria requiring the need for Veterinary approval to use electric collars on dogs and a long standing ban on the use of electric dog collars in NSW, Garmin offer both non-electrical stimulating Vibrations & Tones in the Barklimiter 2 VT as this would be suitable for very sensitive dogs, while acknowledging the need for the electric stimulation in the Garmin Barklimiter 2 catering for the majority of dogs which are more driven or persistent barkers. The Barklimiter 2 with the ability to choose between Vibration, Tone or Electronic Stimulation is unrestricted in Queensland, Western Australia and Tasmania and has the highest success rate for all dogs. For more information on your states laws for electric dog collars contact your local animal control officers or council.