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Static Correction Collars
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A static bark control collar has the highest success rate of all stop bark collars, for all breeds of dog. The anti barking collars are very sophisticated and deliver a very humane, even gentle, stimulation to the pet to eliminate unwanted barking behaviours. As the name implies, these bark control collars deliver a mild electrical stimulation (the stimulation is equivalent to Approximately 2 volts @ 20 milliamps) and feels similar to touching a car door on a dry windy day and getting a small zap. Dogtra no bark collars and Garmin anti bark collars are set at levels of correction by the user, whereas Num'axes Canicalm Small collar is tend to be automatic of self adjustment. The Garmin barklimiter 2/delta smart collars have both autorise and manual adjustable levels of output via Smartphone app.

The stimulus is triggered by the vocal chords and is incredibly easy to use. Your dog quickly learns to avoid the nuisance barking and modifies his behaviour accordingly. Many customers and veterinarians have reported that dogs become more content with their surroundings. Anti Barking collars will assist you to solve your problem

Every dog displays a different temperament and within the Garmin, Dogtra, DMT, Num'axes, Sportdog, Petsafe and Innotek range, we have methods designed to solve even the most stubborn barker, whether it is your dog or your neighbour's.

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State regulations for usage of Static collar differs from state to state. Contact DogMaster if you would like more details.

Refer to our Stop Dog Barking FAQ