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PAC F8C Invisible Dog/Cat Fence Up to 30kg (Less Than 5 Acres)

PAC Mini Invisible Dog/Cat Fence Features
* Small Collar to suits Cats and Small dogs from 3.5kg to 12kg
* Large Collar to suits Dogs from up to 30kg
* Quality European made
* 4 steps to containing your pet
* Collar is waterproof (IPX 7) and rechargeable
* 4 preset output levels of stimulation
* Capacity to cover up to 5 acres with extra wire purchase.
* For more than 5 acres area, please visit the PAC containment system with boosted Transmitter.
* 2 Year Warranty

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Product Description

Recommended Dog Breeds examples (Over 6 months)
*French Bulldog *Mini Dachshund *Chihuahua *Fox Terrier *Bichon *Corgi *Pug *Cavalier King Charles *Maltese *Scottish Terrier *Jack Russel *Beagle *Kelpie 

Kit Includes:

  • 100 metres thick gauge wire and 25 training flags
  • PAC FC4 standard Transmitter (battery backup option)
  • Power adapter for transmitter
  • USB charging station with magnet charging clip for Collar
  • Tiny, waterproof (IPX 7) and rechargeable F8C Collar (receiver)
  • 1 pair of long and short probes for dogs/cats
  • Instruction Manual

PAC Mini Invisible Fencing for Dogs/Cats:

  • 4 steps to containing your pet
  • Suitable for cats and dogs up to 30kg
  • Compatible with PAC F6C collar for large stubborn dogs
  • Warning tone & 4 preset levels of stimulation
  • Capacity to cover max 5 acres with purchasing extra DogMaster Thick gauge wire
  • Lexan plastic collars for superior durability
  • Battery backup protection
  • Adjustable fencing boundary width
  • Digital Signal Processing for complete immunity to outside radio interference
  • 2 Year Warranty 
  • Extra 100 metres of 1.5mm gauge DMT wire kit can be purchased from here.
  • Extra 200 metres of 1.5mm gauge DMT wire kit can be purchased from here.
  • Extra PAC Fence F8C collar for small dogs and cats can be purchased from here.
  • Extra PAC Fence F6C collar for large dog can be purchased from here.

The new PAC mini containment system is one of the smallest rechargeable invisible fencing for small dogs and cats from 3.5kg. This PAC mini system is also compatible with the Standard PAC F6C collar. This means you can use two different size collars with the same system to suit a wider range size of dogs. The PAC mini fence provides the perfect solution to keep your escaping dogs and cats in a fixed area around your property. Each escaping dog and cat that needs to be contained wears an active F8C or F6C fence collar. The F8C collar is designed to pick up the radio signal from boundary wire when the dog/cat is close to the invisible fence. The wire can be twisted to cancel the signal when running across a lawn and re-opened by single wire to protect designated areas such as garden beds. All the PAC dog containment system comes with 100 mtrs wire & flags.

How does it work?
PAC mini containment system is an effective boundary system to stop your cat/dog escaping. Whenever a cat/dog enters the preset Active Zone (adjustable from 30cm - 3 metres from the wire), the F8C collar receives a radio signal, then it emits an audible beep or warning tone to warn the cat/dog. If the it challenges the warning tone and walks past the training flags into the next zone, it will feel the first level of static correction, if it stays in the area or continuously walks into the next zone, it will receive the next level of correction. The longer the dog is within the active zone; and the closer his proximity to the wire; the greater the intensity of the deterrent stimulation. Thus, the dog self-elects to approach the boundary; and if he runs towards the boundary wire, the system activates a higher static correction immediately. The PAC F8C collar will turn itself off after 10 seconds continuous stimulation.

Learn more about invisible dog fence:

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4 steps to contain your dogs

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Electronic Control Unit - FC4(Transmitter) 
The transmitter is not water resistant and needs to be mains powered. It is recommended to installed indoor or undercover. Transmitter box generates radio signals for the loop-wire. The output of transmitter determines the Active Zone width as well as amount of wire that can be used in the system (coverage). The boundary width can be adjusted and monitored at the transmitter. The FC4 comes with “inbuilt” battery backup which can be powered by 2 x 9 volt batteries when normal power supply fail. 

Electronic Dog Collar Unit F8C (Receiver)
The improved PAC mini F8C collar is equipped with a fast charge lithium battery.  It is a very small collar compared with the standard F6C collar. It adds ability to charge the collar via standard USB ports or any USB power adaptors which allows charging multiple collars in the same time while the F6C collar is charged on the top of transmitter. It can only charge one collar each time.


Loop Wire – antenna wire
The PAC fence comes with DMT 1.5mm gauge wire. This PVC covered wire that can be purchased direct from us or your local electrical wholesaler if you need more than 100 metres length. The two ends of the loop connect to the transmitter box. Along the boundary and enclose all or part of your garden, paddock or estate, and give your dog freedom to run within it.


Area and Perimeter conversion table

Area in Acres Perimeter Approx Number of DMT 100 Metres Wire
(thicker gauge)
Total length of wire
1 254 metres 3 300 metres
2 360 metres 4 400 metres
2.5 402 metres 5 500 metres
3 441 metres 5 500 metres
4 509 metres 6 600 metres
5 569 metres 6 600 metres
6 623 metres 7 700 metres
7 673 metres 8 800 metres
8 720 metres 8 800 metres
9 763 metres 8 800 metres
10 805 metres 9 900 metres
11 844 metres 9 900 metres
12 881 metres 10 1000 metres
13 917 metres 10 1000 metres
14 952 metres 10 1000 metres
15 986 metres 11 1100 metres
16 1018 metres 11 1100 metres
17 1049 metres 11 1100 metres
18 1080 metres 12 1200 metres
19 1109 metres 12 1200 metres
20 1138 metres 12 1200 metres