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Dogtra "IQ Mini" Dog Training Collar - 365M

Condition: New

* Up to 365 metres range
* Expandable to control 2 dogs (with purchasing extra collar)
* Waterproof receiver collar (IPX9K)
* Weatherproof transmitter handheld
* Vibration and 100 variable levels in both continuous and nick stimulation
* Transmitter and collar are rechargeable with 2 hours quick charge
* Easy to use, comfortable and ergonomic transmitter
* Battery indicator
* 2 year warranty

Download Dogtra iQ mini Manual From here.

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Product Description

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Dogtra IQ Mini receiver collar

  • Magnetic on/off switch
  • Fully Waterproof (IPX 7)
  • User-replaceable rechargeable batteries with 2 hours quick charge
  • Built-in 3 color LED battery charge indicator
  • Weight: 37g (no strap)
  • Receiver Collar Dimensions (without collar strap): 2.5cm x 3.8cm x 5cm

The new Dogtra "iQ mini" is one of the best companion dog remote trainer for your big problem. This tiny system has a range up to 364 metres, 100 levels in continuous and momentary stimulation, non-stimulating vibration (page), and 2-hour rapid charge batteries. The receiver collar is waterproof (IPX 7), and the handheld transmitter is water resistant. This system is suitable for dogs from 3kg in weight. The new "IQ mini" collar has plastic conductive probes for smaller neck. It sits more comfortable for tiny dogs. This system is also an expandable system to train up to 2 dogs with extra "iQ mini" collar.

Conductive Plastic Contact Points on Remote Trainer

The conductive plastic contact points are less intrusive on your dog's skin, and are attached to a reduced size receiver, made to fit dogs of a variety of sizes. It is much more comfortable and less chance of skin problem to the dog.

Key Definitions:

The majority of Dogtra dog training collars for dogs end with the letters NCP, standing for “Nick” and “Constant” in stimulation mode, and “Pager” which is Dogtra’s patented non-stimulating function.

“Nick” is used to correct unwanted behaviour by emitting a single, rapid stimulation pulse

“Constant” is used for training reinforcement and delivers a continuous stimulation which can last up to a maximum of 12 seconds. The stimulation will automatically turn off after 12 seconds.

This dog training collarhas 100 intensive levels of stimulation available in Nick and Constant mode.

“Pager” gives a vibration stimulation which is a great way of communicating with your dog. This is also beneficial with dogs that are hard of hearing.

1-Dog/2-Dog Selector Switch to select dogs during training. You will still have the vibration as well as static stimulation when training with two dogs.

I - 1-Dog

Slide the switch to the left underneath “I”, and press any of the buttons to operate the 1st Receiver/Collar.

II - 2-Dog

Slide the switch to the right underneath “II”, and press any of the buttons to operate the 2nd Receiver/Collar.



To select the correction level best suited to your dog, start at the lowest setting and start in a yard type area. Slowly work your way up through the levels until you notice a response from your dog, like a niggling effect or a halting effect if the dog were on a leash. This will be your initial training level and you are able to adjust the level according to your dog and the situation you're in, this will be noticeable in time of increased excitement or distraction. Heavy use of the Pager function with the remote trainer may drain batteries a little quicker.

3 color LED battery indicator

The LED color indicates battery life level. Green = full charge, Amber = medium, Red = needs charge