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Can Dogs Get Covid 19 from Humans - Follow up

Posted by Paul. on


Didn't that first blog get some comments. Most people agreed with the blog, we just don't know enough about the Coronavirus transmission rate in humans and plenty of $$$$ are being thrown at the problem, so obviously humans come before animals in priority. The facts however remain that a small amount of animals have been infected with Covid 19 from Humans. Hong Kong University agreed that the case of Human to animal infection was plausible. It is thought that the virus in the Horseshoe bat is similar or a close relative to Covid 19

Think about this for a moment , does it seem that more viruses are crossing the animal to human bridge and back.

Hendra Virus - Bat poops on grass. Horses eat the infected grass and are infected with Hendra Virus. Humans can then catch the virus from Horses. 80% of horses die from Hendra, while 70% of Humans who contract the disease die.

H1N1 or Swine flu, another virus that crossed the bridge and lasted for Approximately 20 months

Avian Flu also known as Bird Flu A (H7N9) caused over 50 deaths in China in 2013. So what does this all mean for the pet owner ? If you do have Covid 19 don't be smothering your pet with kisses. If you go to a dog park keep your pet under control. if you cant keep your dog under control, consider using Remote dog training collars to get some discipline happening. If You call Fido Come !, your dog should obey your command. In this way your dog could potentially keep away from other dogs, and you have no idea if that other dog in the park has any illness.

Bark control collars are selling like crazy at the moment. The kids are at home, many of us are working from home, so I think the dogs are saying come out and play!, come out and play! woof, woof, woof, but how to stop my dog from barking ? Yes, Bark control collars are one solution, but we also have an ultrasonic area bark deterrent that can help with more timid dogs.