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Citronella Collar
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The citronella dog collar is also known as the lemon spray bark collar. They are a harmless and effective method for controlling your dog’s nuisance barking. The citronella bark collar emits a scented/unscented mist when it detects continuous barking from your dog. It has a light, compact, waterproof spray unit that is activated to deter your dog's barking.

A citronella collar for dogs is an affordable and cost-effective solution to other anti-barking technologies, as there are no other components that need to be set up or installed – simply attach the collar, and it’s ready to go. Unlike some other options, it works in all environments; there’s no need to activate or deactivate it when you you’re your pup out for a walk. Different scented canisters including lemon spray, citronella spray and unscented are available depending on the brand of spray bark collar you have chosen. Your dog is distracted when it hears the puff from the citronella bark collar and sees the spray emitted from the collar. Dogs do not like the smell of the spray, but it is harmless to their respiratory system, so there’s no need to worry about safety. Spray refills are available when you need to replenish; refills are very affordable.

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