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Paul The "DogMaster" has been a Dog trainer involved with dog training collars for almost 20 years. DogMaster is Australia’s biggest independent distributor of quality barking collars, dog fences, dog training collars, dog doors, GPS dog tracking systems & citronella bark collars. We offer all leading brands Dogtra, Tri Tronics, Garmin, Num'axes, PAC, Nemtek & Petway. Our average dog training collars, dog fencing systems or bark control collars produce approx.2 volts @ 20 milliamps correcting your dog,Yes, that small.

We will Beat Any Advertised Aussie Price Guaranteed! & you get Aussie FREE CALL helpline and Aussie Warranty.

Whats Hot and New at Dogmaster ?

Garmin is here !   In 2011, Garmin Ltd purchased long term e-collar manufacturer Tri Tronics. TT were the original manufacturer of e-collars in the USA back to 1968, with many outstanding models such as the Classic 70 and Bark Limiter. TriTronics e-collars originally dated back to the 60's. Garmin now brings its quality name, R & D  and quality build to e-collars through Dogmaster. Dogmaster is now an official distributor for Garmin Dog Products in Australia & New Zealand. Check out the new Garmin Delta Sport XC, the Garmin Delta XC and the Garmin Bark Limiter and Bark limiter Deluxe. Quality at a great price. 

Want to track your dog ? check out the new Garmin Astro 430 and Garmin Alpha for your dogs

Garmin GPS Personal Handhelds are available at DogMaster Trainers now. They are great tools for outdoor adventurers who love getting back to nature. Most of the Garmin Handheld GPS have a rugged tough design and an IPX7 water proof rating. They are made to last in extreme Australian outdoor conditions. Whether you are heading into outdoor camping or sports, Garmin Handheld GPS are great handy devices to locate you and your friends, keep your tracks and communicate with your friends. The eTrex series is the basic personal navigator with paperless Geocaching. The GPSMAP 64(s) is the latest Garmin GPS handheld with most advance technology. The GPSMAP 64S has wireless connectivity with smart phone notification features. The Rino 750 two way radio is the combination of "Walkie Talkie" and GPS navigating. So you can talk and locate your family and friends easily for outdoor activities.

garmin rino 755 personal gps handheld with 2 way radio

Dogmaster Goes Green !

By the end of April 2016 Dogmaster has achieved an Approximate 79 % decrease in our carbon footprint in comparison to our 2006 - 2007 standards. We have reached this target by replacing older technology unleaded fuel vehicles with modern smaller capacity turbo diesel vehicles, installing solar electric panels onto 2 factory / offices, installing wind generated air venting, office insulation, energy efficient LED factory bay lighting, Energy effecient Air Cond, LED fire exit signage & office LED lighting & window  tinting. Dogmaster has now been in business for over 16 years, so you know you are dealing with someone reputable who cares for the environment. One of our Aims has been met, we got our first electricity bill where the supplier owes us $$ in November 2016.

And while on the subject of power... How much energy does a typical static bark control collar deliver to your dog? ANSWER: A really small amount, About 2 VOLTS @ 20 Milliamps !


Read what our customers are saying through  TESTIMONIALS. We are committed to finding a solution for your pet problem; from selecting the right product, to offering a  90 Day Upgrade Warranty* or discussing your situation with our Service team for the best advice.

Whether it’s for your own dog or a neighbour’s dog, we have an extensive range of anti bark collars and dog barking collar range, from a citronella dog collar & static correction collars also known as electric collars. Dog barking collars are the perfect dog silencer to reduce nuisance barking. DogMaster Trainers has the largest range of citronella collars and static barking collars to stop dogs barking in Australia and New Zealand. To assist you to stop the barking dog why not give us a call. Free call 1800 300 364

Dog Escaping ? Need a pet fence  or dog containment system? Is your pet one of those ‘Houdini’ breeds? Finding the right electronic dog fence is essential to keep your pet safe. As far as pet fencing and pet enclosures, the invisible fence has proven results with the cat fence and dog models available. With an electronic dog fence you have the ease of mind knowing your dog will be safe at home. We used to sell the famous 10 square mtr dog pens/ dog enclosures/dog runs, these types of dog cages are a galvanised dog cage kit that comes delivered in a box to your door and with the easy step by step manual to assemble your new dog pen. 

After some training reinforcement? Would you like to curb some poor pet behaviour and want pet obedience? Take a look at the dog training collar. There are 2 basic types, which come as the electronic dog collar and the citronella collar both are activated by remote control. The electric dog collars are sometimes referred to as a dog zapper, dog shock collar, shock collars, electric dog collar or electric collar, no matter what you call them they are a great tool for dog training and dog obedience. Don't be concerned about using an electric stimulus, its only about 2 volts @ 20 milliamps.

We have several Dogs door and cats door options if you want your dog or cat to have access into a room or into and out of the house. if you need a doggy door or cat flap see our Dog Door and Pet Doors page Where we have an extensive range of cat doors & doggy doors with brand such as Staywell, Petsafe & Petway pet doors. If it's pet door installation you are looking for, the Grey Army can help you. They will give you a reasonable quote for the installation of your new doggie door.

For further information regarding products for your pets, you can speak with our friendly staff, send us an email or come to our showroom located at Unit 2/6 Nuban Street, Currumbin Waters Queensland. We are open from 8.00am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, and 9am to 12pm on Saturdays. Real People at a real address ! Our business is not just a website.

To assist you further, we offer both a  30 Day Money Back Guarantee* and a  90 Day Upgrade Warranty*. This is part of our commitment to you. Further to that, we have established our own Service Dept who can assist you with any manufacturer warranty requirements, as well as provide you with advise and repair work.

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Training Tips - Being The Pack Leader:

I'm a dog and animal lover. For me animal ownership goes beyond just loving the animal, Its a way of life for my family . I am my dogs LEADER. My wife, my children all command positions above my dogs positions this is not negotiable. Dogs are social animals, in their wild state dogs have an Alpha Male & Female who LEAD the pack. If a subordinate dog steps out of line, what do the Alpha dogs do ? often the subordinate will be physically & emotionally put in its place with verbal aggression and physical action. This is of course Negative reinforcement, so where is the positive reinforcement ? The positive reinforcement comes from physical licks and signs of affection, while results achieved as a group provide group reward. Maybe the group have worked together to secure a meal, this is a reward, or maybe just the fact that the individual HAS a position within the group is positive reward enough for the weaker or less strong individual, for without a position within the group the individuals future may be doomed.

Western society sometimes dictates that we need to spoil our animals with all forms of treats and gourmet foods, (walk down the pet food isle in your supermarket and check the images on the gourmet offerings for cats and dogs - unbelievable !) Some trainers even sprook the term "Positive Reinforcement Only" maybe we shouldn't put as much of our human ideals into our relationships with our pets. We need to try to think on their level. Be the pack leader, I think being a leader, is in itself a basic reward for your pet. In my opinion a dog is better balanced with a mix of both positive & negative reinforcement, just as is the case in a wild. So be a leader to your dog, he will love you for it !   Paul.  For more information call 1800 300 364 now. If you have concerns about animal welfare and e-collars go to e-collar safetyand read a report from Tuskegee University

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