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Pet & Animal Deterrents

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Are Snakes frightening your Family, Pets & Livestock?

Keep snakes off your patio, out of your garden and away from your family, pets and livestock. Naturally! With Dogmaster Trainers all-natural, environmentally-safe solar powered Snake shield and the Bat Repellent.

The best way to keep your family and pets safe from dangerous snakes and bats is our snake and bat repellents they are proven effective at repelling the animals. Snakes are very dangerous and should not be interfered with, even bites from the "non poisonous" ones can incur health problems, due to the amounts of complex bacteria they infect you with at the bite wound. Treatment for snake bite can be expensive. If you are breeding from your dogs, protect your puppies from large predatory snakes by placing repellers around their enclosures.

Maintenance free, and easy to install. Solar snake shield repellent will quickly repay its initial cost with one unit covers approx 700sqm-Day and Night. A snake repeller or bat repeller is best used against these animals. Both repellents use a sonic beep sound and a vibration that changes rythym cycles over different days. Other deterrents are used as a snake repellent an unpleasent sensation to keep pets or animals off or away from a particular area.The majority of these deterrents simply run off common battery types available from supermarkets.

Snake Repeller

The "Snake Shield" snake repeller is a solar powered snake repellent device. It works as a snake deterrent in 2 basic ways.

  1. It sets off a vibration unleashed into the ground. This rythmic yet changes regularly to stop snakes getting accustomed to a regular vibration.
  2. It sets off an audible sound in conjunction with the vibration. Snakes can feel the vibration and the sound waves in the air.

The combination of the vibration and sound will act as snake repellers, snakes will avoid contact with items that do not display the typical vibrations, sound and taste of their normal food source.

How to Remove Bats

If you want to keep bats away, then choose either a solar bat & snake repeller or a battery operated system.The amount of sunshine available determines the product to be purchased, if 6 hours of direct light is available, then use the solar repeller, mount the unit as high up in the tree as possible, or alternativly insert repeller as near to prtoblem bats as will allow to obtain the 6 hours of sunlight OR use the battery replaceable device, if little direct sunlight is available.

Warning - Care should be taken when installing this product