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Cat Fence And Cat Control Devices

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Invisible Cat Fence

The Num'axes Canifugue Invisible Small Dog/Cat Fences unlike an outdoor cat enclosure that is made with netting or wire fencing, the invisible cat fence gives the cat real freedom within the confines of the area you prescribe. This style of fence, also known as an In-Ground Radio Fence, is based along the same principles of a containment system for dogs and is manufactured by Num'axes. They have created the smallest, lightest and reliable cat collar for this system.

How the cat fencing works

A boundary wire is placed around the area that you wish to keep your cat within. This wire starts from and ends at the transmitter which simply plugs into the wall. The transmitter sends a radio signal through the wire. The cat wearing the collar is free to roam around the yard. When your cat gets too close to the boundary and the wire, the collar will give a warning tone, which deters your cat from proceeding further. If the cat continues towards the boundary, a small correction is given, persuading the cat to return to the safety of the yard.

The beauty of this system is that the collar is adjustable to suit the temperament and personality of your cat. You can set the collar to Low, Medium, or High stimulation range, if your cat is timid and responsive, the setting would be Low. If your cat is stubborn and defiant, you would consider setting the collar to High. The correction is very minimal and will not cause any harm to your cat.

More than one cat? No problem!
Additional Num'axes Canifugue Small Dog/Cat Fence Collar can be purchased to work on any number of cats that you have. Ask us for a deal! Need more Invisible Fence wire kit click on the link.