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Num’axes Canicalm Excel Bark Control Collar [NUM001]

Condition: New

* Suits medium to large barking dogs
* Waterproof
* Operated by 3V CR2 lithium replaceable battery
* Vibration bark sensor with 10 levels of sensitivity settings
* 4 anti bark stimulation operation mode
* LED indicator for battery and operating status
* Magnetic on/off switch
* Short/Long probes for short/long hair dogs
* 1 Year Warranty

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Product Description

Recommended Dog Breeds examples (Over 6 months)

*Cattle Dog *Border Collie *Staffy *Bull Terrier *Whippet *German Shepherd *Labrador *Golden Retriever *German Shorthaired Pointer 


The Num’axes Canicalm Excel is an advanced anti bark collar for most medium to large barking dogs. The collar is fully waterproof and operated by user replaceable CR2 lithium battery. The battery life is average 3 months which is depends on how often the collar is activated and the output setting. The Canicalm Excel bark control collar has 4 stimulation modes with a wide range of output for any type of disposition.


4 Stimulation Mode

The Canicalm Excel Bark control collar has user selectable stimulation modes to stop barking. Mode Number 1 is Warning Beep only. The collar will only beep but no static correction is given while dog barks. The Mode number 2 is Warning Beep + low stimulation output which is designed for sensitive barking dogs. When the dog barks, the collar will beep and if the dog does not stop in 30 seconds, the collar will beep again and emit a low level of static correction to stop the dog from barking. The canicalm excel collar will go into safety mode which won’t give the dog any correction for 2 minutes after being activated 5 times.

Mode 1: Tone only

Mode 2: Tone plus low level of stimulation (sensitive dog)

Mode 3: Tone plus progressive stimulation (autorise stimulation from low to high)

Mode 4: Tone plus high level of stimulation (stubborn dog)


Bark sensor

The Canicalm Excel anti bark collar has built in vibration bark sensor to detect barking. So only the dog with the collar on can activate the collar. This bark control collar has 10 manual adjustable sensitive settings which allows you to set the collar between easy to activate and hard to activate.