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Garmin Delta Smart Dog Collar - Bark, Train & Activity Tracker

Condition: New

* Waterproof and rechargeable (up to 3 week in standby mode)
* Tone, vibration and 10 levels of stimulation
* Suits dog from 3.5kg in weight
* Range up to 30 metres (outdoor), up to 10 metres (indoor)
* Comfort contact plastic probes which fits more comfortable on dog's neck
* Works with Garmin Canine App with compatible devices (Android and Apple IOS)
* Works with Garmin Keep Away Tags (sold separately or as a bundle) - keep dogs away from problem area
* Bark Activity monitor
* User Training pattern tracker
* Keep Away Tag tracker
* 1 Year warranty

Download Garmin Delta Smart Manual From here.

Important ! Please perform software and firmware update for Garmin products before use.

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Product Description

The Garmin Delta smart collar is true "smart" dog collar that connects to your smartphone for monitoring and correction your Canine's behaviour problems. It uses Garmin Canine smart phone app to review your dog's activities, behaviour problems. You can also update the stimulation correction settings and training preferences from the app. DogMaster Trainers recommends customer updates the Delta Smart collar collar via Garmin Canine app before using. The Garmin Delta Smart collar has built in barklimiter bark collar to stop dogs' nuisance barking. With the smartphone and Garmin Canine app, you can also use this collar as remote training collar to train your dog in up to 30 metres (outdoor). You can also purchase the optional Garmin Keepaway Tag to deter dogs away from problem area at home: kitchen, bedroom, fridge, bin etc.

Bark Control:

  • Non stimulation tone and vibration only mode
  • 10 autoraise/manual adjustable output levels of stimulation
  • Bark activity tracking (dog monitor) mode - bark counter only (Tone, Vibration, Stimulate off)
  • Vibration sensor to detect barking so only the dog with the collar can activate the delta smart collar
  • Bark allowed (collar emits stimulation after 1 bark, 2 bark, 3 bark, 4 bark etc)

The Garmin Delta Smart collar features Garmin industry-leading bark detection and correction technology with adjustable levels of correction to help keep your dog (and your neighbourhood) quiet.


How does the bark control feature work?

The Delta Smart collar has a built in Bark Accelerometer sensor to detect barking. It eliminates false corrections caused by other dogs or other noises. The Garmin Delta Smart stops the dog from barking by a few stimulation modes: tone only, vibration only, 10 levels of manual adjust output, autoraise output stimulation or combination of tone, vibration and static correction. By using the Garmin Canine App, you can adjust the amount of barking allowed before the collar is activated (up to 10 barks before getting correction). You can also set it as no barking allowed (collar activated immediately when the dog barks). When turning all correction off (no tone, vibration and stimulation). The Delta smart collar works as a bark activity tracker only (dog activity monitor). The collar will record the dog's barking pattern and transfer all the data to your Gamin connect account. The data includes: how many times the dog barks by date and time range, duration of each bark, the stimulation level the dog received when it barks etc.


Remote training:

  • Tone, vibration and 10 adjustable levels of stimulation
  • Up to 10 metres range in door and 30 metres out door
  • Training Activity tracker - records the time and duration of training by different users

In order to use the remote training feature, a compatible smartphone is needed. The smartphone has to be either Apple IOS device or Android system device. After installing the Garmin Canine mobile app (available from Apple store and Google Play Store), you can use your smartphone as a remote handheld to control the collar. The Garmin Delta smart collar features 3 operation modes which can be customized to suit different dog's temperament. "Tone" for Tone/Beep only operation. "Vibration" is for vibration only operation. “Stimulate" comes with 10 manually adjustable levels of static correction. The Collar delivers a short 1 second stimulation when you tap the button on your phone screen. It can also deliver up to 8 seconds continuous stimulation when pressing and holding the button.  There is a training activate tracker section in the Garmin Canine mobile app. It records the date and time of training, duration of the training, who does the training, stimulation levels and modes during the training.

Dog Device Physical & Performance

  • Unit dimensions: 63 x 35 x 34 mm
  • Weight: 41g
  • Range: Up to 30 metres (outdoor), Up to 10 metres (indoor)
  • Multi-dog compatibility: yes (unlimited)
  • BarkLimiter: yes
  • Autorise bark correction mode: yes
  • Stimulation levels: 10
  • Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion
  • Battery life: up to 3 weeks per charge
  • Water rating: 1 ATM
  • Collar compatibility: fits collar straps up to 1-inch wide and up to 0.12-inch thickness (collar strap not included)