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Eyenimal/Num'axes Ultrasonic & Sonic Dog Repeller [NUM062]

* Dog repeller
* Ultrasonic sound
* High pitch Beep
* LED flashlight
* Range of up to 15 metres
* Could use to stop barking dogs - manually activated
* 1 year warranty

Download Eyenimal Ultrasonic Dog Repeller Manual From here.

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Product Description

The Eyenimal Dog Repeller is a compact handheld ultrasonic dog deterrent designed to protect the user from aggressive, unfriendly dogs, or to deter a dog from unwanted behavour. Designed for walking, jogging, bicycle, work and other outdoor activities.The dog Repeller uses ultrasonic to deter dogs behavour. Just as we find nails scraping down a blackboard is uncomfortable, this device creates a noise that dogs find uncomfortable

How does it work? The Eyenimal Dog Repeller emits an ultrasonic sound to approaching dogs causing them to stop, move away or stay in place. Please note: Effectiveness of the Eyenimal Dog Repeller is based on the dogs breed and many other factors that can determine its performance such as the distance from the dog, age, temperament etc. DogMaster Trainers cannot guarantee that this product will work on all breeds of dog. Please contact our help line 1800 300 364 if not sure.