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Garmin Alpha 100 and Astro 430 GPS tracking system's parts & accessories

DogMaster Trainers stocks range of replacement parts and accessories all your hunting needs of Garmin GPS dog tracking gear. We have extended range antennas for GPS handheld and dog tracking collars, pig hunting protection gear to protect your trackers during hunting, car mounts accessories to secure the GPS handheld onto your cars or quad bikes. All the products are designed to help our customer to archive ultimate hunting experience.  

The DogMaster Pig Hunting Protection kit

DogMaster Trainers designs the Pig Hunting protection kit for the Garmin dog GPS tracking and training collar for Australian tough Pig Hunting conditions. The kit includes Metal case to protect the GPS dog tracking collar unit, strong industrial heatshrink on radio antenna and GPS antenna.

"The Pig Hunting Kit is designed for dog tracking & pig hunting under normal Australian conditions. Due to the harsh conditions and heavy usage required for Pig Hunting, we strongly recommend a protective cover is used to ensure your warranty is not made void. The metal case would not affect the strength of radio signal as it doesn't cover the actual antenna to receive the radio and GPS signal."