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Anti Bark Collars, Should I use a Citronella Collar ?

Posted by Calum on

So lets start with how a bark control collar works. You must have a barking dog, otherwise you wouldnt be reading this. There are several types of anti bark devices. Firstly lets consider an electronic bark collar. There are many different size dogs from a chihuahua to a Great Dane, obviously a bark collar that is going to fit these 2 breeds  will be totally different. In addition we also need to consider personality and robustness of the dog. A smaller breed of dog but still with a big personality is the Jack Russell. Many people ask me what it feels like to give a correction to your dog, well it feels something like touching your car on a windy day and getting a static shock. Sure we all go "ahh" when it happens, but neither are we rolling around on the ground in pain. My own preference for a Jack Russell would be a Dogtra YS300. The 300 has multiple levels of output, so you can adjust output to suit the age and personality of the dog, and BTW I'd go with a Dogtra YS600 for the Great Dane, Alaskan Malamute, Husky or large hunting dogs. 

Now a Citronella collar has its place, but only on dogs with lower motivation, and then there is the legal aspect to consider. NSW for instance has a ban in place for electronic bark collars, that is unless your vet prescribes the use of an electronic collar, then you can choose either.