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The new Garmin Delta Smart collar is an all in one solution for everyday dog training, obedience and activity monitor that has been designed especially for dogs of all sizes and coat lengths. The device works with the Apple iOS and Android Garmin Canine app to monitor activity status, such as duration and intensity level, stimulation modes, stimulation method. The device and app also help you monitoring bad behaviours like excessive barking, getting in unwanted area etc.

How does the Garmin Delta Smart work

How to setup the Garmin Delta Smart collar with your smartphone

With the Garmin Canine mobile app, you can use a compatible smartphone as a remote handheld transmitter for the collar. Simply press a stimulation button on your phone’s screen, and your dog will receive a vibration, tone or static correction from the delta smart collar.

The Garmin Barklimiter 2 is a bark control collar works with Garmin Canine app for more advance stimulation settings. The app also records how many times the dog barks everyday. You can set bark allow which allows the dog barks before getting the correction. You can also set vibration or tone prior to static correction as warning.

The Garmin Delta Inbounds wireless dog fence is all in one system which can do anti bark, dog containment, remote training and activity tracking. This system can work without smartphone and app to do setting for Dog containment and bark control collar. But with the Garmin Canine app, you can use the smartphone as remote to activated the collar, review dog activity during the day and adjust keep away tags setting.

How to use the Garmin Delta Keep away tag to keep dogs away from unwanted area.

Activity Monitor

Train the dog with Garmin Canine mobile apps

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